Faith and Courage Endures

June 13, 2017


Almost 2 years later, this photo — from the 2015 RAAM Finish Line — is still my phone lock screen.


It is one of my most proud family moments.


So much is behind those tired faces; strong, determined,

exhausted @kartoone76; two brave, flexible, supportive kids;

and a smile on me that says, "Grace, alone, got us here."


Oh, and I said I'd never do it again!


Then a husband — with a dream, a cause that inspires us all, and a God that has promised grace and will bring us home — all lead to our plan this Tuesday of standing again on the starting line in Oceanside, California.


My emotions are too numerous to put into words.


Family outing: The perfect distraction on a busy pre-race day.


Please join us by commenting, tracking, praying, texting and donating to cheer us through the 3000-plus miles of #RAAM2017.


Yes, we are again taking on "The World's Toughest Bicycle Race," this time doing so to bring awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Our hero, Gabe Griffin, and his family will follow us as we race across America. This is their third trans-America trek for Ride4Gabe. Brian and Gabe will demonstrate their shared courage in fighting battles each day.


I'll post lots of wife-of-the-RAAM-racer glimpses on Instagram and share to Facebook. Other Ride4Gabe viewpoints will be at @ride4gabe and @kartoone76, and on those Facebook pages, too.


Feel free to visit to donate!


And, lest I forget to mention it, as the race gets underway, please know that we feel every prayer, read every comment and text, rejoice with every donation and are powered by every bit of support you send our way.


Our faith and courage endures!


    ~ Kristine







[ ktoone photo credit to @raceacrossamerica media.

Thank you for capturing this moment for me! ]











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