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Like Gabe, kids with Duchenne eventually cannot ride bikes, run, jump, play, or climb. In the coming years, they cannot  even walk, nor ever hug their parents, and they also won't be able to breathe on their own.

 From Kim K. in Wyoming -

My daughters and our whole family had been following Ride4Gabe on Facebook. My husband and I began talking and knew we would love to provide housing and meals for this crew as they camethrough Wyoming. If you know me, if you know any of the guys, or if you have heard of this effort and believe in what they are doing, POST YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT to Ride4Gabe on social media and spur these guys on. If they are coming through your area or

town, post some signs on the highway or streets. I can't tell you what this means to them. Go H4G and R4G!


 From Stacia L in Central Illinois

I am writing after just seeing a group of cyclists at Pizza Man in Pana, IL. My Co-workers and I noticed the cyclists enter the restaurant, as we were finishing our lunch. On our way out, we were moved by the vehicle that had parked next to us (Hope 4 Gabe). Thanks to technology we were able to search the website and learn about the Hope for Gabe Foundation on our ride back to work. We wanted to let you know we were moved by the story and were honored to call in and purchase their lunches. This is something minor, but we are happy you are raising awareness. We learned something new today, because of you and your efforts.


 From Anastasia M. in Tennessee -

My husband Steven not only changed the flat tire on the Ride4Gabe bus, had the pleasure of meeting the group and receiving a blessing from the whole experience. We will be in prayers for all of you and your cause. GOD BLESS!


 From Jamie W. in Pennsylvania -

Gabe, I know we've never met but I wanted to let you know that your story touched my heart and all of your supporters are so inspiring. Our family has started a therapeutic riding center where kids with special needs ride horses. You are welcome to come visit and ride with us anytime. You are in my prayers!


From Laura W. in Eastern Oregon -

We just saw this group (on the highway) headed over the blue mountains towards La Grande. Good luck everyone. We'll be thinking of Gabe! :)


 From Justin H. in Iowa -

Pray for the homies, Wes and Michael, who just shared the story of 9-year-old Gabe on #ragbrai. They went 700 miles out of the way on their cross country journey to meet Gabe and his family here! Donate online if you are led:


 From Crystal M. in Nebraska -

I saw you today in Henderson's IGA. Had I known what your shirts stood for, I would have gladly shaken your hand. Thank you and good luck on your journey!


 From 316Marketplace in S.Dakota -

It was great to catch up with your team near Platte, SD, on Friday morning. We are actively promoting your mission to our followers across the country.


 From Jackie M. in Iowa -

It was great meeting you guys today. You guys are all wonderful & amazing. I'm glad to know you! :)


 From Pam B. of Washington -

It was an honor to meet these dedicated young men and Gabe's daddy, Scott. I will do my part to help spread the word, raising awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Gabe, you are doing more than you know, through you a lot of people are learning that they can help. I believe that when you give someone the opportunity to help, you are giving them a chance to be important. That is a pretty special gift.


 From Julie C. in Eastern Oregon -

We saw your riders and your vehicle near Baker City this morning on our way to Reno. I looked up your website. Very touching. Best of luck to you throughout your journey.


 From Lindsay V. in Idaho -

I saw the SUV and bike riders today on my way from Portland to Boise. What you guys are doing is incredible. I'm glad I was able to see this. It goes to show what a difference you're making in raising awareness! Good luck to all of you.


 From Lorrie B. in Alabama -

Michael came through my line today buying supplies for this cross country trip. We need to keep these two riders in our prayers as they selfishly take of on this journey.


 From Lisa D. in Iowa – 

I just wanted to pass along that yesterday, July 27, my family and I were on our way home from our annual camping trip when we passed a bus on the interstate. On the front it read, in big letters, "" Well, of course I had to Google that! I am in awe. God bless! I will continue to follow your journey and do what I can to help. What a special little boy!

RIDE 4 GABE 2017

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