Every dollar spent on Ride4Gabe 2014 returned multiple times the value in publicity through earned broadcast media alone!

 Dear Friends,


In 2014, after completing a 42-day, 3,400 mile Ride4Gabe bicycle journey from Oregon to Mobile, cyclist Wes Bates and I knew our mission was not complete.  In fact, we knew then that we will not rest until Duchenne history is made.


Thanks to a little help from Birmingham media monitoring company Metro Monitor,  we have determined that every dollar spent on Ride4Gabe 2014 returned multiple times the value in publicity through earned broadcast media alone!  That means our message was on a lot of televisions sets. We have also taken the message into the offices of decision makers at the state and federal levels of government.


We are making a difference. And with your help,

we can have an even bigger impact. 


We are very excited to have Payne Griffin joining us for the entire journey this year.  Payne is an Alabama native who lives and works in Washington, D.C.   


Our primary goal is to unite people behind the mission of eradicating Duchenne.  We will educate people about public policy related to Duchenne and other rare and terminal unmet medical needs.


 Starting on July 29, 2016 we will ride our bicycles across Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama with a goal of finishing in eleven days (see expected route HERE).


This will be grueling on our bodies and minds, and gaining the support of people we already know – and the people we will meet along the way – is critically important.


We hope to have events organized by local volunteers approximately 75 miles apart along our route. This will allow us to stop and share our message through discussions with local advocates, elected officials, business and industry leaders, and news outlets.


We will be riding our bicycles for 11 days and averaging over 200 miles per day.  Our crew needs include considerations for up to 10-12 people.  


Please complete the form HERE to learn how you can get involved in Ride4Gabe 2016.


Please also follow Ride4Gabe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Thank you for your interest in our cause, we need and appreciate your support and encouragement. 


Michael C. Staley

R4G Ride Director

RIDE 4 GABE 2017

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